i enjoy your writing and the layout too. I might even have a go myself...

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Hello Kat,

A thoughtful post, and my reaction is that it’s disappointing that although we’ve travelled some distance towards a fairer and less judgemental world we still have so very far to go, and that post's like yours are still needed.

We had an example of a woman who’s shunned the system to build her career her own way this weekend when we went to see Eleanor McEvoy. Eleanor has done that in a less flamboyant way than Madonna, turning down the opportunity to be a manufactured star on the back of her early success, and as you know through supporting her at the Caves, touring as often as she can, playing to small audiences and spreading her music by word of mouth.

But I thought of your post when we were sat in the audience at the concert in York, listening to the music of a woman who has, and continues to make her own choices.

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Love you nerd 😉😘

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